Kennel Lovund (FCI)
Kennel Lovund (FCI)
Lovund’s Casper Qavi

Welcome to the world little pups!
Kennel Lovund's J-litter was born on 8th February 
Jens  ♂
Jette ♀
Jule   ♀
Jente ♀
Mother Lyrypa’s Øyvor Enya and the puppies are doing well.

Kennel Lovund’s I-litter was born on 22nd January 2021.
Ivar ♂
Inga ♀
Ida ♀
Mother Lyrypa's Eirin and the pups are doing well.
We are happy and proud.

Glimma‘ Beate Brudbröd, Lyrypa’s Åsvor Eirin, Lyrypa’s Øyvor Enya, Stein Lunde‘s Hogni und Lovund’s Casper Qavi 

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